1303-2 Seijiro Murayama:::: Broken Iteration

CD1 :
1, Rayn
2, Your Broken Tube

mastering: soundworm

1, Gémination brisée
2, Sonis nisus

recorded at Hotel Pupik, 2011
mastering: Makoto Oshiro

drawings: François Bidault

thanks to: la Fonderie, Arteleku, Školská 28, Ftarri, JazzaJ,  Water and Land - Niigata Art Festival, Menza Pri Koritu,  Instants Chavirés, YANVII, Cie Catherine Diverrès, Macao,  Tuad, Hemiola, m viktoria, Hotel Pupik.

Seijiro Murayama 2013

2 x Audio CD
120 minutes+
Release date: December 2013
18 Euros + shipping order

Also by Seijiro Murayama
Eric Cordier / Seijiro Murayama: Nuit

and it's a beautifull CD!
~ Jérôme Noetinger

Seijiro Murayama "Broken Iteration" is surprisingly good subway music.It rebuilds the subway in its own image: clatterings and scrapings that are never exactly the same all the time, yet that seem outside of time, until they suddenly stop and start again according to a hidden logic.
~ Mike Bullock

Vital Weekly
Seijiro Murayama, the Japanese percussion player who lives in Europe. According to his website he has three fields of interest: "1, non-idiomatic improvisation (that includes idiomatic researches about it, or workshops on it), 2, electro acoustic composition, 3, plural disciplinary collaboration (with words, images, body movements etc)" and it would seem to me that these four pieces here are a combination of 1 and 2. It says recorded at Hotel Pupik, 2011, which may suggest a live recording, but for all I know (and I didn't investigate) it might also be a studio. Which brings the second subject on board: is this played live (in concert or in studio) or is this the work of over dubbing? That is a question that I find very hard to answer. Murayama's playing is very minimal and we do recognize indeed the element of percussion instruments, and Murayama explores his instruments with great care. It has a fine meditative character this music and it explores in depth the textures of the instruments. Murayama doesn't use his drum parts as a drum kit, but plays one or two separate elements with brushes, sticks or objects and explores them. But over the course of a thirty minute piece, he picks up a new device to play and continues with that.
- Frans De Waard -

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